Monday, July 1, 2013


If you're going to be in St Maarten for more than a day, then try spending 0.50 cents U.S. on a number, and see if you hit the jackpot. There are several different lottery outlets in SXM, the most popular being Robbie's Lottery, run by the now notorious Robbie Dos Santos. If you didn't know, Robbie Dos Santos has been named as a possible facilitator in the death of Helmin Wiels, who was assassinated mid May in Curacao, the same Sunday, that the St Maarten government fell. They have been trying to link Robbie Dos Santos to organized crime for several years, and he is currently under investigation. That however should not discourage you from trying your luck with the St Maarten Lottery or Robbie's Lottery, name one gaming association in St Maarten or the Caribbean which has not been linked to organized crime. It is safer to buy from these little lottery shops, then it is to buy numbers from those random "Numbers Guys" on the street. The odds are pretty good, and you can buy between from three "cifras/numbers" and up. The info is posted on the walls of all of these numbers establishment, just make sure that you purchase your numbers from a legitimate agent. This Robbie's Lottery is conveniently located across from the Rouge et Noir Casino, and next to the Coliseum Casino on Frontstreet, St Maarten.

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